Mark Voelpel has directed over 40 commercials, three award-winning short narrative films, a documentary, and an interactive narrative anti-Bush propaganda piece which can be viewed at  Mark has also been the cinematographer on 25 short narrative films, 2 feature length narrative films, 1 feature length documentary (the well-traveled and nationally screened, ONE NATION UNDER GOD), and the academy award winning THE STRANGE CASE OF BALTHAZAR HIPPOLYTE.

Mark is in the midst of production on his self-produced documentary, URBAN STORYTELLING, which is about how ancient oral storytelling traditions survive today in our cities.  The focus of the documentary is on the traditions of West African storytellers (griots or jelis) and how those traditions live on in African American communities.

In addition to producing and directing his own films, Mark is a professor in the Film Department at Brooklyn College where he teaches screenwriting, videography, and editing.

Mark has a BA from Harvard, and an MFA in Film and Television Production from NYU.  Mark studied extensively with Ross McElwee, Vlada Petric, Beda Batka, Roberta Hodes, and Nat Boxer, among others.

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