WIDE IRIS is a team of leading professional filmmakers based in New York City who create work worldwide to promote social justice, environmental sustainability, and the arts.   OUR MANDATE: to help people and groups tell their stories powerfully and widely. Our documentaries, PSAs and live coverage are produced by intuitive filmmakers committed to making a difference.


WIDE IRIS brings complex subjects alive for viewers. Imagining your targeted audience, we vividly inhabit the details of your story, producing a clear vision that will be keenly felt and understood.


From first concept through delivery of the broadcast master, we collaborate fully with your vision, aligning our creativity with your own.


WIDE IRIS achieves award-winning production values, from HD Broadcast to webstreaming, artfully and with lean economy. 


The iris of the eye opens instinctively to admit more light. As filmmakers we cultivate that instinct, bringing candor, intellectual rigor and depth of feeling to every shot.